Who we are
INSTITUTE OF CERTIFIED CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND LEADERSHIP STRATEGISTS, INC. USA, is duely registered in the city of Delaware, United States of America with operational office in Nigeria and chapter representatives in other parts of the world. We train and certify professionals from all works of life who want to be successful in business and in leadership.
We give awards of leadership, excellence etc to outstanding personalities as an appreciation for a job well done. We also give Doctorate award to those individuals that have distinguished themselves in their choosen fields as a recognition for outstanding performance, and to encourage more performance that can shape and encourage young leaders.

Why Do we do it?
Corporate Governance is very strategic in every successful organization, because it helps to cultivate a company culture of integrity that leads to positive , great performance and a sustainable business generally. It helps to increase accountability of staff within the company to prevent unnecessary mistakes from occurring.
Leadership Strategies remain one of the major backbone of a successful organization as a practice where executives use different styles of management that helps them to adapt to or remain competitive in a changing economic and technological climate.
Leadership strategy is used worldwide to lead companies and businesses as well as other parts of human lives.

Our Vision
To build a world leading Strategists for global transformation

Our Mission
To provide motivation to make corporate governance and leadership Strategies effective through professional training and certification worldwide.